Cat asleep

Cat asleep

Cat asleep – Åsa Maria Hermansson – Metalsmith

Hammered copper with patina
18 cm max diameter 18 cm x 7 cm high
Åsa Maria Hermansson

In a time of huge unrest, I wanted to explore if a hard metal object could fill an observer with tenderness and inspire to peace. The utmost and longterm, although perhaps pretentious and unachievable, goal is to learn to craft pieces that can soften the shielded hearts of the power holders in the violent country that I live in. It is something that I will have to continue working on.

Lola the cat
Lola the cat who’d always sleep on top of my scarf while I hammered in the workshop at School of Arts and Craft Santo Domingo in Bogotá
The making of Cat Asleep – Åsa Maria Hermansson – Metalsmith

Being a Woman

Being a Woman

Hammered copper
14 cm at its biggest diameter x 17 cm high
Åsa Maria Hermansson
4000 SEK

Small sculpture hammered from a 0.90 mm copper sheet with the help of only hammers and stakes. Watch a part of the process in the video below:


Bird – reinventing ancestral techniques

20181128_082454 copy

The second attempt to make pieces rarely made in the technique obra plana, the creation of a piece of art from a metal sheet using only hammer and anvil, resulted in this bird and my teacher shaking his head saying something like “I don’t know what to think of you, I’m half satisfied and half… just stupefied”. I’m still not sure if he meant it as a good thing. Anyways, it was possible to make a bird, and I hope that you like it.

Bird / Ave
Hammer and anvil / Obra plana
Bronze / Bronce
ca 33 x 16 cm
Åsa Maria Hermansson
900 SEK / 300.000 COL

20181128_082445 copy

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Gaia the World Turtle

20181210_094053 copy copy

Gaia is a secret bowl for small things, the carrier of a world map and as a turtle the symbol of collected wisdom. Hammered in brass using chasing and repoussé techniques and finished with a soft greenish copper patina and a coffee coloured iron patina. She’s the only one of her kind, completely handmade and unique. Idea, design and production: Åsa Maria Hermansson.

Gaia – The World Turtle
Brass / Bronce
Chasing and repoussé / Cincelado
Copper and Iron patina / Pátinas de óxido de cobre e hierro
20 x 16 cm
Åsa Maria Hermansson
1600 SEK / $ 550.000 COL

A word from the buyer:
“Den fina sköldpaddan har hittat sin plats i vårt hus och vi kallar den för ‘önskepaddan’. Man skriver ner det man önskar eller funderar över på en lapp och lägger i skålen under skalet på kvällen så ordnar sköldpaddan så allt är bra på morgonen när man vaknar. Det funkar varje gång. Både jag och min dotter förstod direkt när vi såg den att den var magisk… Min dotter säger att eftersom sköldpaddan bär hela världskartan på sin sköld har den också bra lösningar på varje problem. Den har rest över hela världen och är väldigt klok. Man kan lita på den. Och den reste hela vägen från Colombia för att komma just till oss och bo i vårt hem”.

20181203_154531-01 copy

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