Cat asleep

Cat asleep

Cat asleep – Åsa Maria Hermansson – Metalsmith

Hammered copper with patina
18 cm max diameter 18 cm x 7 cm high
Åsa Maria Hermansson

In a time of huge unrest, I wanted to explore if a hard metal object could fill an observer with tenderness and inspire to peace. The utmost and longterm, although perhaps pretentious and unachievable, goal is to learn to craft pieces that can soften the shielded hearts of the power holders in the violent country that I live in. It is something that I will have to continue working on.

Lola the cat
Lola the cat who’d always sleep on top of my scarf while I hammered in the workshop at School of Arts and Craft Santo Domingo in Bogotá
The making of Cat Asleep – Åsa Maria Hermansson – Metalsmith

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