Bara lite konst – Just a little bit of art

Welcome to Baralitekonst! Meaning Just a little bit of art in Swedish, this is the page where I publish the handicraft that I make. I mostly work with Stained Glass but also explore what can be made out of recycled materials. Along my travels through South America, I also learned macramé techniques and from Sweden I brought tin braided jewelry to my new home country Colombia.

Stained glass lamp - Baralitekonst Stained glass / Vitral /Blyinfattat glas

Macramé earrings with amethysts - Baralitekonst Macramé / Macramé / Makramé

Recycle plastic bottle bottom flower by Baralitekonst Recycle art / Arte de reciclaje / Återbrukskonst

Tin thread bracelets Jewelry / Joyería / Smycken

Stained glass Christmas star by Baralitekonst Buy something? / Para comprar? / Köpa något?

Bara lite konst About Baralitekonst / Sobre Baralitekonst / Om Baralitekonst