Jug – La jarrita

IMG_20190801_132040 copy

Jug – La jarrita
Turned and soldered brass and scrap wood
12,5 cm high
Åsa Maria Hermansson
For sale – please contact me for more information 

Jug - Åsa Maria Hermansson - Metal smith

With this jug, a turning and soldering exercise during my last months of school at EAOSD School of Arts and Crafts, I wanted to create something that pleases my own eye and also challenge the design ideals of my teachers and create something that expressed my Swedishness among Colombian silversmiths. I chose to use the not very noble brass and scrap wood as materials and gave them a simple finish that will grow old with style. My hope is that this highlights the simplicity of the design, for which I found inspiration among the Bauhaus masters. I truly hope that it pleases your eyes too.


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